Work With Us!

Do you understand that we’ll never be able to build our way out of the youth homelessness crisis?

Are you a passionate person seeking to ignite large-scale change that dismantles systemic racism?

Are you committed to championing chosen family arrangements that meet young people’s need for connection and belonging–as well as for housing?

Then please consider joining us!

Join Our Board

CloseKnit aims to build a board rich in diverse experiences and perspectives, with an ongoing commitment to addressing structural racism. CloseKnit highly values the perspective of people who have lived experience of youth homelessness, as well as people who have informally hosted youth facing homelessness.

Because 3/4ths of youth facing homelessness in Minnesota are BIPOC, CloseKnit is building a majority BIPOC board. We recognize that many other groups are also over-represented among young people facing homelessness, including youth who have disabilities, youth who have been in foster care, youth who have an incarcerated parent, and youth who are queer and/or gender nonconforming. We especially value those perspectives, as well as the perspective of people living in Greater Minnesota.

CloseKnit’s board meets six times per year. We are currently recruiting board members to join us this June.

Chosen Family Justice Project Manager

CloseKnit seeks a passionate and detail-oriented person to start up our new policy project: Chosen Family Justice. This leading edge project will develop practical resources for the public while also creating policy proposals to overcome barriers that impede caring adults from hosting the young people they know who are facing housing instability, especially if those adults are renters. Because, due to longstanding systemic racism, 3/4s of Minnesota youth facing homelessness are BIPOC and the majority of BIPOC households in Minnesota are renters, Chosen Family Justice is key to creating a racially equitable response to youth homelessness. 

We especially value the perspective of people who are BIPOC and/or have lived experience—either as a youth facing homelessness or as an adult hosting a young person.

Communications Manager

CloseKnit seeks a communications contractor to write our e-news and manage our social media.