2023 Legislative Agenda

Rep. Heather Keeler looks on as Jack testifies in favor of investment in chosen family hosting so that arrangements like the one Jack had with their best friend’s family can be more stable.

Minnesota’s Pathway Home bill
(HF444/SF388) includes
$2 Million for Chosen Family Hosting
to prevent youth homelessness!!!

Read the Pathway Home bill language

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What does Chosen Family Hosting look like in practice?
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Attend or watch the livestream!
Minnesota House Ways and Means Committee
February 06, 2023 at 10:30am

WATCH how CloseKnit made the case for a $2 million investment in a Chosen Family Hosting Pilot as part of Minnesota’s Pathway Home Act in:

The Minnesota House Human Services Finance Committee Hearing
January 19, 2023

The Minnesota House Children and Families Finance and Policy Hearing
January 24, 2023

The Minnesota Senate Health and Human Services Committee Hearing
February 01, 2023

25% of homeless Minnesota adults first became homeless when they were 18-24 years old
Helping young people successfully transition into adulthood prevents chronic homelessness.

Where do most young adults live today?
61% of 18-24 year-olds live with their parents

But what if living with parents is not an option? Where do young people in need stay?
Many stay with “chosen family,” such as families of friends, neighbors, or extended family.

How stable are “chosen family” hosting arrangements?
While both youth and hosts report these can be deeply meaningful relationships, hosts often report financial stress. In particular, hosts who are renters sometimes risk their own housing when, for example, hosting a young person they care about violates their lease’s guest policy.

HF444 asks Minnesota to invest $2M in chosen family hosting. 
Through a competitive grant process, providers across the state will become chosen family hosting support sites, providing financial stipends and ongoing case management to stabilize informal hosting arrangements. This approach has a proven track record of success at Open Doors for Youth in Elk River and HOPE 4 Youth in Anoka!

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